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Originally Posted by twister6 View Post
I thought so too. TOQ had the best of all the worlds (Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch), but perhaps the business model of selling it as a product didn't make sense to them, so I think they will just license/sell these displays to others.
What is it with Mirasol and things not working out for them?

I still do not understand how devices of today haven't come up with a good display that allows you to see in direct sunlight. Except for the Kindle series and Mirasol display there is nothing else, nothing, zip nada.

The only device I've seen that has actually came to market from Mirasol and worked well was the display on the Notion Ink Tablet and that failed due to the incompetence of NI. Now this. It just seems that they can't get their products out to the consumer. aarrgghh

anyway back on topic, I decided that I may just get the Note 3 even if it isn't Triband on Sprint, but the Gear I would have to see it in person but at this point in time, the odds are no for the Gear. Now the Sony smartwatch on the other hand is looking more of a yes.


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