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Originally Posted by FlyingPigL View Post
Remains for me - a Best Buy pre-order customer - to envy you. I was informed I couldn't pick it up until Friday. Period.
Grr Grr - but I do like their various insurance, replacement, etc etc programs so I'll put up with that. May all my problems be this awful :-)

Enjoy your phones, and do get back to us with what you liked best, how you're using it, what your favorite new feature is and so on. We live vicariously through your experiences.
For some reason I'm unaware of, my personal experience is AT&T often ships early. Last year several of us received our iPhone 5's the day before it's official launch. But then again I'm quite vigilant and order the moment the order site goes live. Yes I'm addicted to smartphones

Beyond a doubt the best feature for me is the spacious display. My work involves spending lots of time on the web even when traveling. Mobile sites just don't cut it so having a great display, terrific zooming and using desktop sites, is sheer nirvana for me.

If I was eager to be picky, I'd really like a 6.0" display. Here's why. The 7.0" Nexus 7.2 I have is too big for a smartphone display. The 5.0" S4 is too small (for me), therefore I've determined my ideal size is 6.0" exactly
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