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Moving the app from the app drawer to the home screen does not move it, it makes a copy, the exact choice you have is a "shortcut". As of right now there is no way move the app to from my drawer to the Taskbar or anywhere i can only move shortcuts, which doesnt move the actual app.

When i try to hide the actual app it also hides all shortcuts. Im honestly shocked no one else has noticed this or hasnt seen it as a issue.

My hope is that im missing something that is easy to fix, please help me would screen shots help?

Okay i will do that and ill try to explain further.

My past experience with the HTC one i was able to keep a really clean display (screen shot 1) it just how i like my phone. Pulling apps from the app drawer "removed" from the drawer and placed them on my Taskbar or home bar or whatever you would like to call it (screen shot 1) the 4 main apps were Phone, Messages, Pandora, and Chrome.

However as you can see (screen shot 2) the apps now show up in the app drawer and in the taskbar.

Hiding the apps hides the app from my task bar and app drawer (screen shot 3) my goal is to get back to what i once had where I could just have them in 1 place and not have this doubled effect.

Any help to this would be amazing thank you.

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