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I saw that post and was hoping for the best - glad you had an honest vendor to help you on that!

But yeah - I know exactly what you mean.

The presumption of guilt - what could possibly go wrong?

Statistics and semiconductors are a funny thing.

There is no certainty that any storage location on any electronic media will be accurate for all time.

Let me break that down - ever done a battery pull to fix something, and it worked?

Then you were the victim of a class of semiconductor upset called latch-up: some bit at the right place to cause trouble got stuck in ram and a board-level reset (what us non-removable battery types do) or removal and reapplication of power fixes it.

Statistically, the probability of the Knox counter going astray all without the user doing anything is extremely small. Like winning the lottery.

And like winning the lottery, that probability is not zero.

The right way to have done this would have been a semiconductor fuse, not a counter.

Some day, someone is going to claim that losing his warranty is not their fault - and not one person that matters is going to believe them.

This isn't about the silly, undying myth of Android being inherently unsecure.

It's about Android being secure for enterprise use.

Enterprise use means that instead of the maker or carrier essentially being the root user - read precisely: the administrator - and instead of you being the root user, someone at your place of work becomes your administrator.

The only way for that to have been possible in the past was to have rooted devices distributed - the opposite of what makes security sense for a corporation.

So Android hasn't been able to realistically play in enterprise. We used to have an enterprise forum but removed it because it was a non-starter.

Does Knox make it possible to work in an enterprise environment?

Yes, all the way up to military enterprise.

Will it make individual users more secure?

If you say so.

But the first day that a Knox update releases to fix the latest security threat is the day that the answer to that last question will be proven: no.

Just saying.

PS - just for a little levity and definitely for perspective, here's a classic from over 3 years ago warning you about how insecure Android is.

NSFW, foul language, you've been warned.

Just as true today as it was back then.

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