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I'm not able to sit and play with my phone at the moment so figured those with expierence with ringroid would know quickly.

1. Does ringroid allow you to edit mp3/ringtone files to remove or add stuff(see my obama/mccain ringtone I'm working on)

2. Does it allow you to take what you hear and turn it into a ringtone IE record something off the radio or something along those lines.

3. after 90 days of the android launch the apps in the market place will start having a cost associated with them. Will ringroid still be free or will they charge 3-6 or 7-10$ for it from future android customers?(of note the app I pimp is free to download and use and is open source)

4. Does Ringroid allow you to change volume of the mp3 file when its playing or selectivly decrease or increase parts?

I plan on playing with ringroid.. I imagine while it does many things on the fly that would be useful and neat for those seeking more control or options to manipulate another option may be needed but both could exist equally in the same area
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