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It really is unfortunate how many issues persist despite how long it took this update to roll out. The Lockscreen widget problems, signal issues (I have noticed I am dropping calls), battery drain issues that are causing the phone to get extremely warm and drop battery levels dramatically, messaging issues, data issues, even the signal levels listed in settings>about>network are borked....

Not to mention that the camera is still messed up..And the battery meter (digital is nice) but then take away the analog meter, don't have both on there! I am about to complete a factory reset to see if this at least resolves a few issues.

My biggest "look forward to 4.3" feature was the lockscreen widget feature, but it is so broken it is a joke. Total disappointment that they did not provide a vanilla lockscreen that we could customize. Instead you are stuck with the HTC time/temp widget no matter what and are extremely limited in what you can put on the lock screen. Those few things that do work are bugged.

Terrible implementation. I am very unhappy with HTC right now. I cannot wait until Viper puts out a 4.3 ROM for Sprint....
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