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Originally Posted by Nick33 View Post
Bobby, ive been wanting that case ever since it came out. I absolutely love that it snaps shut. Slide into ur pocket no problem.
I had the otterbox on my phone for a bit. Very bulky, but crazy protection for sure. Nice fit around the sensors. The screen protector is.. Eh.. Its does the job, but it's got areas where grime can get under it and i was always afraid of sliding dirt around and scratching up the screen. The clip is nice tho. It's diesel.
Right now I'm rocking the incipio dualpro and love it. Nice and slim with good protection.
Coming late to the party, but I bought the Spigen Slim Armor View about a month ago, and love it. It does feel very secure with the snap-shut front cover, and the phone (with battery cover fits right in, without having to change covers as is with the Samsung View cover. It's slim light, and comfortable to handle and is very attractive.

Only complaint is that the hinges holding on the front cover loosen up so it frequently flops all the way back, and I've had the hinges come out of the base several times -- it needs a more secure and less flimsy hinge. Also, I have not found a way to take photos with the front cover open all the way as the window distorts the lens. I wind up having to take photos while holding the front cover away from the lens. PIA.

But I still love the cover a lot more than the 5 others I threw in the closet because they weren't perfect. Just shop around for a good discount.

ETA: It's shiny smooth, not matte.
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