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Darnell, that is excellent info. It should be in a Waze FAQ on their site.

A few questions, if I may.

1) is Waze still running in the background when I choose switch off from the menu? (not sure what the iOS version says) Long press of the home button shows Waze in recent apps. If not, how do you run Waze in the background?

2) if observing a traffic obstruction or accident ahead, you have to wait until you're beside the event before pushing the report button for accurate location, correct? It would be a nice option to be able to report while stuck in traffic with some estimate of distance from my present location, instead of when you just get moving again and drive past the issue.

3) How long do those traffic reports/police/hazards/accident icons remain onscreen or available? I've made a hazard report about a stopped vehicle and on the way back from my destination, see the same vehicle still there but there's no hazard icon to show that a report was made.
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