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Originally Posted by alyssathrasher View Post
I just switched to the s4 from the iPhone 4s last week and this has happened to me twice now, and I am starting to regret the switch. If android doesn't fix this fast I'm going back to apple. I've missed classes because of this twice now. Completely stupid. And I highly doubt it's being caused by any apps considering that I have like 5 downloaded.
I hope this doesn't sound hostile or rude, I do not meant to. I just don't understand why people keep doing the "I switch to iphone" threat, just because they are not happy with their device.

First of all, Samsung doesn't read the forum, nor am I aware that anyone from this forum work for them. So really, no one will get heartbroken if you were to move back to iphone. Your device choice, is, just yours.

According to WIKI:
The S4 was made available in late April 2013 on 327 carriers in 155 countries. Upon its release, it became the fastest selling smartphone in Samsung's history; the company sold 20 million Galaxy S4 units worldwide in the two months following the device's launch.

Given the enormous amount of devices sold, and such tiny fraction of the problematic ones that makes to this, or other forums, I don't consider it to be exactly a problem, but something to be expected. It's a real shit that it happened to you, and I truly sympathize (having such experience with S3). But when dealing with quantities, there is no way every device is perfect. I have 4 S4s devices at home right now. All 32 LTE Int. Unlocked, and none has a single problem.

Go to the place you bought it from, and return it. Tell them exactly what you shared with us. It shuts down, you failed to turn up for class etc.. And demand replacement, or return it and change to MotoX, Note3 or iphone5S.

Seriously, self shutting device is never good sign. In case of S3, it was a certain batch that came with a specific chip model. It would brick the device beyond fix. Perhaps you are part of a certain, problematic batch.
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