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Originally Posted by Dngrsone View Post
Your best bet would lie in determining what is behind the crashes...

Have you ruled out hardware issues such as a bad memory module?
I believe it is a hardware issue. Though, when using it once, the os will crash, and go to the terminal look, and white lines will show through the screen, and it will alternate between that and the terminal look. From that point of view its the os that may be whats matter with the os. Though when I tried to get into the bios I got the beeping sound from the hardware. One short beep, followed by one long beep. I looked that up and didnt find a match. I bet its the hardware that makes it crash. I told my dad that he should just get a new computer. HP has single handedly been the worst experience of computing ive ever experienced. Ive fixed this computer so many times, all the fault of HP's hardware. Not windows or viruses.
I was saying in another thread that I was looking at a new chromebook from HP to be released on November 3, but I was just reminded of the nightmare of HP. I may get the new Acer computer then. Or if Lenovo released their thinkpad chromebook to consumers ill get that.
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