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Originally Posted by timetoroot View Post
Reviews are saying the external speaker sound quality is sub par and the location at the bottom causes issues with your hand covering in landscape. What say you about these two issues to those who have picked this phone up?
I'm glad to have run across this post again. I, too, read the complaints about sound quality and speaker placement... I don't wanna say this is a high quality speaker on the bottom, but it's as good as what I had on the Galaxy Nexus. It's not gonna rock a party, but it's fine for the odd video or a speakerphone call.

placement isn't a big deal either... I think those who complained about it were really grasping for something to put on the cons list.

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Having watched a few videos today, I can say it's a lot louder than what I had on the GNex and only slightly more tinny. Adjust your expectations. It's a tiny little speaker on the bottom of your phone!
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