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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
The middle button on a three-button mouse is paste as I recall, and that's how my Logitech scroll wheel worked.

I simply stopped using it with the terrible command line editing in bash.
Oh, I see.

Remember modifying your environment and using vi syntax for command line editing??
You know what? I really DON'T remember that. However, that could mean any number of things, including, A) senility, B) chronic lack of sleep, C) way too long ago to recall at this point, or, D) I didn't do it.

I'm voting for #D, and here's why:

Historically, I don't spend enough time fiddling with commands at an actual command prompt to worry with it. When I used to be gainfully employed, I spent much of my time in my beloved vi, cranking out shell scripts and testing them from within vi. A typical stop at a prompt then, as now, involved little need to edit commands. Then, as now, the [home] [end] [delete] and [backspace] keys sufficed.

Thanks to my surrender to the bash conventions, I've lost years of my life holding down the delete key for lack of cw for a path element or just simply overstrike instead of the assumption that we're all in love with insert editing - and the delete key.
You know how easily my curiosity gets piqued, right? Sooooo...I couldn't resist looking into all this. And guess what? I THINK there's a solution. (Unless I'm totally misunderstanding what you're saying. Entirely possible, by the way. )

Start with man bash; search for READLINE, and also -o vi and vi mode.

I just did the most rudimentary testing with a few commands--and they all worked as expected--including:

[ctrl][a] - move to beginning of line
[ctrl][e] - move to end of line
[meta][f] - move forward one word
[meta][b] - move backward one word
[ctrl][l] - clear screen
[meta][d] - delete one word
[meta]X [ctrl][d] - delete X characters
(Note that I don't have a meta key, so I'm using the [esc] alternative.)

Apparently, you can do a lot of customizing by setting things in its $INPUTRC file, typically ~/.inputrc.

Is this what you're looking for? Let me know!

And PS - all of my trackballs have had three buttons, no idea what you've used.
Here's my wireless Logitech M570 Trackman:

My wired (now discontinued) Logitech Wheel Marble Trackmans:

And this is roughly similar to a middle ball trackball I tried years ago:


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