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Originally Posted by dgrobe2112 View Post
Edit: my list of issues
Cant get Gmail to not vibrate on notification, unless its on silent
notification bar, while locked, wont go to text app
when bluetooth connects, in my car.. my phone has to vibrate, and send a notification.
1: Yes I haven't found a way for it to not vibrate on Gmail notification short of turning of Gmail notifications (which defeats the purpose of push email). But it doesn't bother me because I have vibrate on in Gmail anyway. I would open a ticket with HTC on that just to let them know it annoys you

2: Which text app are you using? Are you using a passcode or anything on your phone? When I receive a text and I turn my screen on, I just press in the text and swipe up (from the text) to unlock and it goes directly to that text message in Messaging app.

3: Can you explain a little more what is going on with your Bluetooth? What kind of car/bluetooth setup is it? I have mine connecting to two different cars: One is a Pioneer Head Unit and the other is a Ford Sync setup. Both connect seamlessly after the initial pairing. Have you deleted the pairing and the re-paired your phone and bluetooth device after update?
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