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#1, i agree.. its just something i have to deal with..

#2, use handcent. have forever.. i do have a lock on the phone.. but only after 1hour due to my work email. previous to 4.3. if i had a notification, i could just hit the power button, pull down notification, click the handcent notification, and it would pull up that text, or if it was multiple text it would just pull up the app message list.

#3, when i get in my car, turn it on, once my car connects to my phone, my phone vibrates, and my text notification sound sounds.. i think i got a message, and i look, i see a bluetooth icon in the top left corner as a notification. same thing happens when i connect to my bluetooth speaker in my apartment. 2013 Hyundai Elantra, all factory. did not do this prior to 4.3
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