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Originally Posted by lotus49 View Post
Although blowing the eFuse is irreversible, I don't understand how Samsung prevents the bootloader being hacked directly.

I presume that there is code in the firmware somewhere that blows the eFuse before unlocking the bootloader. If that code could be identified and disabled by directly altering the low level data, the bootloader could be unlocked leaving the eFuse intact.

I cannot be the first person to have thought about this so I wonder how they can prevent this.
Good point, but given that it is approved by the US military as well makes me wonder if this is not just a software solution, but embedded in the hardware somehow somewhere - which essentially just gets enabled once you install the new firmware.

So clearly, how they do that (hardware / encryption / software) will remain a nice kept secret until someone can indeed hack it....

But again - given the military approval I'd be surprised someone can find it - without making Samsung looking like an idiot
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