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Originally Posted by luv2run View Post
Just wondering, if you don't like the update, is it possible to do a factory reset and put the phone back the way it was? I've decided not to update my HTC One because it is working fine like it is. The main reason I wanted to update was to get the Photosphere feature, but I found out they are only on Nexus devices, so I don't have a compelling reason to update my phone. I will probably get a Nexus 7 tablet instead.
They say if it's not broke don't fix it. Then again 4.3 does bring a nice speed boost and better battery life. Of course the decision is up to you, but I'd personally recommend the update. 4.1 is 2 versions old and 4.4 is expected out next month. Being 3 android versions behind on a flagship phone just seems like a waste to me.
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