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Originally Posted by Hawker View Post
What you also consider is if this efuse actually does exist within the chip, why did it take samsung so many firmware releases to utilise it? I would think they would have been making full use of it from day one.

Knox is a comprehensive enterprise security solution.

The Department of Defense was first published as considering Android for deployment back in 2010 and iOS consideration followed shortly thereafter.
This may affect DoD office workers but their first look was for data fusion and command coordination for soldiers on the ground.

Developing suitable specs and running through trials did not happen overnight.

And until they were really ready to understand and support enterprise security, there was simply no need.

How about some numbers?

In the common parlance, user isolation from malware is already hitting 5 nines.

99.999% of app installs won't present the problem.

100% of that is driven by people understanding app permissions before installing.

And not everyone does.

So in an enterprise situation, people are paid to stay on top of it for the whole organization.

But outside of that, there's just no need.

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