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Default Questions/advice about voice-control on HTC One

Hi, my contract with my cell company is coming up for renewal, and I'm due for a new phone. I've been getting an HTC phone for the last few iterations, currently using the HTC Desire, and it looks like the next phone I get will be the HTC One.

I've read a number of pages of the User Reviews, and I'm looking forward to the sleek feel, excellent screen, and surprisingly great sound. I'd like to ask a few questions pertaining to what I would like to see in my next phone.

I've rooted a phone before, but I never got around to doing it to my Desire. I basically look up how to do it and follow the instructions; I'm no pro. I think I want to root this one so as to have more control over how I interact with my phone.

I'm very interested with voice-controlled commands. I want to be able to have my phone mounted in my car, and I speak its name and say 'Call wife' and it will happen. On speaker phone, of course. I want to be able to say 'Add to file Grocery List: Milk' and my phone updates the grocery list for me.

Is this kind of thing doable? I don't have a lot of needs that go beyond the different apps I can find, but I'm not sure if this level of functionality requires a greater amount of control that rooting the phone provides.

Any advice at this stage would be greatly appreciated!
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