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Originally Posted by palmtree5 View Post
Ok, having issues with bash completion. I want it to complete on arguments for a given command. It doesn't do that.


I type sudo pacman --sy<TAB> and I want it to complete to --sync

I know this is the default behavior in Ubuntu (which is one thing I actually like having) but I'm on Arch and only have tab completion to a certain extent (completing commands, showing what package contains a command if I try to run something that isn't installed, etc)
Turns out the bash_completion file (which needs to be sourced when the shell is launched) in Arch is not stored in /etc for some reason like I've read it is for Ubuntu; instead that file is located in /usr/share/bash-completion

Also, apparently it doesn't work for commands like adb and fastboot so I will have to search for those Figured that out too!
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