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Default I think the update is affecting my white noise app.

I did the update yesterday, and the only issue I am noticing so far is that my white noise app is not functioning smoothly any more. I use the App "Relax and Sleep" whenever nearby noise is preventing me from sleeping - the worst of which is my husband's snoring which is loud, goes right through earplugs, consistently changing in volume and resonating frequency, and is unaffected by having him sleep on his side. Last night the sound on my App started cutting out every 5-10 seconds. Although it literally only lasts a fraction of a second it happens with enough frequency to be annoying and defeats the purpose of helping me fall asleep. Note - the app does not use a data connection to work, so wi-fi/data signal is not the issue - in fact, I just tested Slacker Radio and it is not experiencing the same problem.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with any sound-oriented apps.

Is there anything else I should try before uninstalling and re-installing the app (and losing my saved settings in the app.) (I should probably mention here that I am not very computer savy, and a close friend and computer guru advises me against force-closing apps. He says that the android operating system is good at managing power by closing apps that need to be closed and that force closing apps can lead to bigger phone issues.) If that doesn't work, I'll probably try the factory reset, but looking at the other posts here, it looks like that won't return me to an earlier software version. Although someone said the next version is due in a month, we'll be lucky to get that update before sometime next spring.
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