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Hi Guys,
I'm back and presumabley S-off. You're right, quite fast and easy (thanks Sonic!). So now...

1) change cid back to stock verizon

this is actually very easy. simply put the phone in fastboot,change to fastboot directory,and enter in a cmd window:
fastboot oem writecid VZW__001

Ummm... Do I need to set up fastboot as in "set up adb and prepair to root" in the other thread or is fastboot already there? I installed HTC synch to get the drivers as you suggested. I downloaded the miniadb_m7, unzipped, etc. Assuming I follow all these steps correctly and it checks out, how exactly do I "put the phone in fastboot"?

Assuming I get through that, I thought I'd leave the bootloader locked (seems easier?). Download CW touch and flash the zip as per your guide. My eventual goal is to get Cyanogen back once the mod is stable (five nightlies so far) so I guess I need "permanent" recovery. Where's the step that allows me to backup the stock rom?

You're "root with windows" guide ends with flash superuser root files. I notice that my phone has superSU on it since coming back from Denver. Is that the playstore app you mention? I'm a little lost on this one. I found the super SU zip file. How do I "install from sd card"?

Thanks again,

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