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Do you find that it make your typing more inaccurate than usual?

I went from a HTC DNA to the S4 when my wife broke her phone (I get new phone, she gets hand me down, lol!)

Anyway, the typing and swipe to type SUCKS on this thing compared to the HTC. Wow. I've almost thrown this thing because of it when I've literally had to erase and try to type / swipe the same word over and over to finish a comment, text message, etc. Very frustrating.
I tried both stock keyboard and the Swiftkey app I prefer.

As for the phone versus my HTC there are pro and cons to the phone. The reason I got it was the split screen so I can use facebook and youtube at the same time. That was the main reason I jumped ship to Samsung.

Android sucks that it don't have an option to keep videos alive in the background with the default players.
My old Palm Treo Windows 5.1 could do that years ago before iPhone and Android existed. I can't believe after 4 or so years now that Android still don't truly multi task.
If Microsoft made a 5" phone like the Surface RT it would be over for Android and iPhone. LOL! (Sorry, I LOVE THE SHIT out of the Surface Tablet I bought a few months ago)

Anyway I like some features of the phone and am not trying to get rid of it or anything.

One thing I think I'm going to try is to remove the screen protector.
Verizon INSISTED that I use the protector which they installed when I bought it. Which is weird because in the past the salesmen used to spew nonsense about protectors voiding warranty.

I'm wondering if the protector is messing up the accuracy.

I sure miss being able to swipe lightning fast on my DNA.
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