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There is such a thing as too much choice, you know.

So, the resolution on the screen seems to be worse on the Plasma desktop than on Cinnamon. Of course, this is a subjective thing, the wallpapers are different between the two environments, as well as the fonts.

I changed the default fonts in Plasma and dropped them down a point, and next time I boot we'll see if there is any improvement.

I have surfed through the themes available via the settings dialog for various sub-dialogs, and downloaded a good dozen of each.

As pretty as each one looks in its advertised page, the end result is not quite as romantic for any program not specifically designed into KDE. For instance, both Libre Office and Banshee look like ports from Win NT. Lord knows what wine will look like, but I at least expect that look out of that program.

I'm sorry, Moody, but a lot of this stuff is just not very intuitive. Part of that may be expectations on my part as a Windows and Gnome user, but some of it just makes no sense to me.

I also understand that some of this may very well be me shooting myself in the foot for adding KDE to an existing Mint (Cinnamon) operating system instead of installing a new instance on the drive.

You should at least feel content that you got this old dog to wander over to your side of the fence.

I will continue to complain, and there's nothing any of you damn kids can do about it.

... now get off my lawn!
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