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Surely the reason that Nexus products have no expandable storage is because Google want to encourage the user to use their cloud based services. One of the great things about Google is that so many of their products are free to the end user - my business even comes up in second place on a google search, at no cost to me at all - but all of this costs a great deal of money. They have to make that money back somehow, and in years to come, when everyone is using said cloud based services, and being charged to do so, that money will surely roll in in big fat chunks.

The Nexus is a top phone at a ridiculously low price, so one can't really object to a lack of expandable memory as in my view it's part of the deal. After all, you could go out and buy an Apple phone, which has no expandable memory, and will certainly cost twice as much. Or you can buy many other decent Android phones which do offer expandable memory, but of course they also cost more than the Nexus.

As we say in the UK, you pays your money and makes your choice, or something like that..
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