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Originally Posted by Simon_Gardner View Post
Those EZ-Share cards and in particular the EZ-share app are a killer combination. Boot the app and pictures are in your phone. Or just leave it tethered as you go along.

I'm aware a lot of recent cameras have wifi built in. I'm not sure if the phone software is up to snuff? (Anyway, I've resolved not to replace my pocket cameras until there's a decent one with remote or cable release facility. I've been having a VERY long wait. DPreview said the Canon 120 did, but I think they lied.)

The lovely Sony RX100M2 I think does via NFC which of course means the Note 3.

I don't think anyone does. But they are hoping for "good enough". Personally, I'm having to learn how to shoot occasional JPGs again. I'd completely forgotten. My DSLR will shoot full size RAW and small JPGs ideal for the phone. But shooting JPGs is a different ball game anyway. I normally only use them for HDR. The phone App is set only to hoover up the JPGs and leave the RAW files alone.

I'd take a whole lot of convincing I'd want to use any phone camera... I'll have a play around sometime. Plus Joby is promising me a quick device to stick the Note 3 on a tripod shortly. I do have something which may well work once I get my ordered UAG phone case. I almost never hand-hold even with a pocket camera.
I was thinking of picking up a Nikon P330 to use to send pictures to my smartphone. I saw the new Olypmus Pen but it was way over $1K. The Sony RC 100M2 did not seem to take as good as macro shots as the Nikon 330
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