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Default Honest opinion of the MAXX after thorough use

I've always been a huge fan of Motorola and have had every flagship they've offered. After over a month of use, I'd like to give some impressions of the MAXX.

Call Quality / Reception
Simply awesome call quality, natural voice sound. Reception is a bit better than the Galaxy S4. It holds 4G where no other phones can. That said, my first MAXX had a defective earpiece and was not loud enough. The speakerphone is probably the loudest and clearest I've ever used. Overall, Motorola has stayed true in this area.

User Interface
Stock Android really is smoother than the overlays out there. When compared to the Galaxy S4 and LG G2 running custom overlays, it's equally speedy for most functions. It's fast and rarely hiccups. Certain apps do hang at times, but I think that has to do with 4.2 instead of the hardware. Active notifications are awesome once you get used to them. I don't miss the notification light as much as I thought I would.

The best battery life I've ever seen on a phone. The S4 would last me 10-12 hours with moderate usage. This can easily run from one morning to the next and still go.

Build Quality/Quality Control
Disappointed in quality control. 3 out of 4 MAXX's I've used from various sources had large gaps on the side between the screen bezel and Kevlar, and gave off loud pops when pressed. The RAZR MAXX HD feels more solid side by side. The MAXX is still certainly more solid than the Galaxy S4 and LG G2 plastics. The MAXX I'm using now is the only one I've seen that the kevlar fits properly and feels solid all around. I'm guessing the reason you don't see more complaints is that so many stick a case on the phone before even inspecting that. Seeing as phones are becoming so "replaceable", I'd imagine Google and Motorola joined the crowd in cutting costs.

Perhaps I'm biased as I used a Galaxy S4, but the screen on the MAXX is clearly inferior. I've tested the screens on 4 MAXX's plus ones at the store. All of them had visible digitizer lines going horizontally. Majority also had banding artifacts on the screen (fuzzy vertical lines similar to what was seen on the Galaxy Nexus). Several display models also had severe image burn in. I know Samsung tosses the Super AMOLED displays to Motorola, but it's clear they get the second rate ones. Once again, the average consumer isn't that picky and would likely not notice these things. The phone I'm using now does not have the banding issue, but the digitizer lines are quite noticeable in many lights.

Again, I'm biased because I've used the Galaxy S4 but the camera on the MAXX is really bad. Rumor is a software update is coming to correct the issue but in it's current state, it's not up to par with any other high end phone. Motorola phones have always had inferior cameras, and sadly I can't say much has improved here.

All in all, I think I'm keeping the MAXX despite it's drawbacks. Having amazing battery life, great call quality, and the ability to carry it around without a case win over the great screen and camera on the S4. If you are one who is particular about screen quality or camera quality, I'd recommend you consider another device. I should also add that if you're coming from the RAZR MAXX HD, the Droid MAXX is probably not worth paying full retail for. Feel free to comment.
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