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I'm a semi-pro photog and usually always have a DSLR somewhat close as well as a smaller CSC. That said, I always test perspective new phones for image quality from their cameras before I buy. It's the second thing I check after making sure the phone has expandable memory. My Sony w810i was good for its time. Then I didn't have another phone with a decent camera until I got my GNex.

After that I picked up my Note 2 which did exceptionally well. I was even able to print some of the shots I took with it for sale. So I was really excited when I saw the Sony Z come to my carrier. The reviews made me a bit hesitant though but no problem, I could just go to my carrier's store and side by side it with my Note 2, right? To answer the earlier post about 13 has to be better than 8.... no. No, it wasn't. They weren't even on par. I thought I had done something wrong and redid my tests 3 times. Each time, the Note 2 beat the 13MP Sony.

So the Note 3 hit my carrier maybe a week after the LG G2, I think. I went in again to do a side by side by side. With no expandable storage, the G2 would have to really best my Note 2 by quite a bit to make up for it. My results? The Note 3 and G2 looked better than my Note 2 but both were close to each other for quality. If I get a shot worthy, I wouldn't be against printing 16x20 from either. Obviously, I went with the Note 3 as it had the extra storage and the added benefit of the S-pen features. I really like the manual control of the G2 but decided I'd see if some of that stuff showed up in the next Nexus device.

My only gripe with the camera on the Note 3 isn't actually with it but with Snapseed. It seems Snapseed doesn't want to work with the full file out of a Note 3 and possibly all cameras 13MP and up. That's a real shame as it was a great part of my workflow that allowed me to get the most out of my Note 2 shots.
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