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im gonna disagree on screen and camera... it may not be the BEST out there but the screen is DAMNED good in my opinion, no digitizer or banding lines at all.

the camera isn't SUPER, but neither is the S4's... i have both phones and i just don't get people going goo goo over the s4, its takes good pictures.... and yes i choose the word good carefully, the maxx also takes good pictures, again word chosen carefully. the only thing is doesn't do good is low light photos. the rest are very vibrant and sharp, some better than the s4's photos. the praise the s4 camera gets is nuts in my opinion, yes its a good camera but its not anything absolutely amazing that people make it out to be. it isn't even close to a replacement for a dedicated camera. if a mid range dedicated camera costing 600-700 is a 10 on a 1-10 scale and a flip phone camera is a 1 then the s4 would be a 7.0 and the maxx would be a 6.5-7.0 they are not that different in quality at all.

however this is your review and i leave you with your opinions. i do agree with most of the other opinions though.
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