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Originally Posted by veccster View Post
If I was not worried about the hardness rating and extra protection from impacts, does the glass protectors still have an advantage over the PET (film) ones?

Does glass slide better? Is it more responsive? Etc...
PET films are usually around 3-4H. Tempered glass is around 8-9H.

Tempered glass definitely offers much more better protection than PET films. Harder to scratch tempered glass than PET films.

Originally Posted by jetguat View Post
Great question. Hoping to hear an answer. And would love to hear some personal 1st hand views on the Spigen Ultra Crystal, Ultra Oleophobic, and Ultra Optics. Can really determine which is the right one for me..
I used the Ultra Oleophobic from Spigen on my Note 2. It looks like a naked screen visually (screen is vibrant). Of course because of it, there is expected glare. Also no rainbow effects (that is until you scratch the protector; you'll notice it more). The oleophobic coating is nice, but not as easy to clean. Best way to clean this oleophobic screen is with a microfiber cloth. Otherwise, it'll smear like crazy and not look so nice.

Originally Posted by jetguat View Post
Don't know about that, but there's a lot of complaints about the screen cracking during or slightly after application. Seems consistent with the company not replacing it. Rather offering a small discount on next purchase. Definitely turning me away from their product.

I have used the Glas.t (8H rating) by Spigen (on the original Note) and Vitreo (9H rating) by Seidio (on the Note 2).

I did experience some input issues (S Pen and touch) with the Glas.t on the original Note. It could have been the type of adhesive they used at the time. But it served well as it did protect the screen from my abuse. And even with the 8H rating, I did scratch it (though it was barely noticeable) a few months after applying it. It is exactly like glass and it looks and feels exactly like the naked screen.

The Vitreo is nice and so far I haven't scratched it yet with my constant abuse. It also looks and feels exactly like the naked screen. Also do not have any input issues with this protector. Everything works fine.

I am no longer considering PET films anymore. I would invest more on tempered glass protectors. They work out as a better investment for me in the long run. Considering I can burn through a PET film in a month or 2. Yeah, I really abuse the screen.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention that both tempered glass protectors worked with the Otterbox Commuter case.
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