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Originally Posted by bonerp View Post
Anyone else think the camera is pants compared to the n2? My N2 took much sharper images. Even with camera shake reduction switched on i cannot get a decent picture. read my mind. I was waiting for someone else to say it since I wasn't brave enough to say it myself. This is by far, the worst camera I have had out of my last four phones. GS2, EVO LTE, and the Note 2. Even the Note 1 camera blew this away. I expected so much out of this camera as the GS4 seemed to take really nice pics. These pics just aren't very sharp and always out of focus. I figured either my settings are messed up or I got a lemon. I even just visited the pictures post before I came upon this post and was thinking to myself, don't anyone else notice that these pics all suck. Out of two pages of pics, I cant find a single one that I would consider great, nothing close to what I got from the Note 2. I also find the camera settings overly complicated. I just hope we both are wrong and this camera really is much better than we think. I just took some pics of my wife going out and I could not believe how bad they turned out. Out of 15 snaps, I don't have one that I can keep. With a 13mp sensor and image stabilization, you would think that this camera had no where else to go but up...SMDH......
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