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I feel like I'm talking to myself here, but here's some feedback on the Hornet Commuter:

You guys who got Commuters from VZW with no screen protector need not feel bad. OtterBox engineering gets a "D" from me on the protector included with the Commuter. The vertical fit is fine, but it's too wide horizontally to adhere to the screen at the edges. Even perfectly centered, the bevel on the screen underlaps the protector, causing a small, unadhered band down both edges. This wouldn't be so bad, except when the phone is put into the case, the rubber jacket seems to press inward on the edges of the protector, causing the unadhered place to expand and become visible, rather than being hidden under the rubber edge. In short, if you take the time to do it right, you'll likely be disappointed with the results. I'm not impressed.
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