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Default No reservations

I love this phone. My main drivers for owning a phone are:
  • Signal strength and reception
  • Voice volume and quality
  • Battery life
The Maxx rocks all of these. I was so unhappy with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on all those points. Often couldn't hear my callers at all. And the battery problems with that unit are legendary. The Maxx just works great as a phone.

On the secondary, but still important, aspects:
Build quality: no complaints. Seems very solid, well made.
User Interface: It's fine. It's Android, which is good. The new doodads are good but not great:The lack of an LED to instantly and touchlessly assess message status is a slight negative, but the ability to press the "Active Notification" to get a bit more info without unlocking the phone is great. "Assist" feature is only partially helpful, but easy to turn off. "Touchless control" is a silly parlor trick, but amuses me sometimes.
Screen: No problem. I never noticed anything to make me unhappy with this screen. If I want great art, I'm not using my phone for it.
Camera: Call me a snob, but I'm not using this tiny camera to document anything I actually care about or will put in a photo album. I have a nice camera for that. This camera takes pictures of stuff in the store aisles for future reference, documents the badly installed water heater vent, etc.
Internet browsing: when I'm killing time in the doctor's office or on a train platform, this device performs fine.

But first and foremost: it's a good phone. If it didn't do that, the rest would be pointless.
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