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as for the 'incorrect architecture' error, i had downloaded the ONLY Ubuntu package they had, called 'multiarch' AND i had multiarch support enabled (i'm not that inept). it still refused. the fact i got it going by the -f (force install) hack proved it was a false error. i want that protection gone!

password prompts. ever tried to install something and it asks for the admin password? yea, i kinda want that gone. like with Android, i'm an app addict and install tons.

i basically want it to at least be easy like Windows. if not, i'm wiping and putting ChromeOS back. as i see it feels half put together.

I wish you could be here too. i'll prove it to you. i am not sure how you manage to make everything work 100%. it seems unlikely. all my problems began out of box. the freezes, crashes, now the screensavers that won't disable, the asking for password ONLY for GUI stuff, keyring popups (i swear i'm not making it up!) and the 'iomem size' error. it's too complicated. Let me know if it ever gets easier. i hate taking a half hour to complete a five second task.

i'm also not against the terminal. i just hate being forced to use the damned thing, after hours of searching Google for the hack or script i need, then copying and pasting it, try 'sudo apt-get install [app name]' AGAIN and pray that the third attempt works.

AHHH! why can't i just double click the file, accept the damn EULA and go about my business?!

Hell even Android isn't that hard!
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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