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it was am old, dying, bearings-failing-on-hard-drive Dell i386/25. with like 8MB RAM. sometimes the hard drive refused to turn on, forcing me to bang the top of its metal case and it would come to life. a worn out SeaGate ST-series stepper motor job. louder than anything. at least it drowned out the muzak.

it was running a system that pre-dated it. problems were bound to happen.

You must have used the 'fun' stuff. ya know, old PdP-8s and tape drives. all i had was dumb terminals followed by this awful 386 that barely managed an 9-hour day without doing something wrong. often when i'd be in the middle of a super long task, like their weekly running of the ledgers

as for a file explorer, never used one. all. i did was login and launch their code system, they only used UNIX because their software had been the same since they first opened in guess what? 1978. they never could update without losing all the history of the previous entries. so they just kept using this dinosaur. i knew how to login, launch the program (i do not remember its name to be honest, i've tried hard to forget) and shut the system down. never knew what made the 'you have mail' come up, it seemed to be nothing but log entries. btw why does the name 'filepro' sound familiar?

when i say 'crash' i often meant freeze. as in the keyboard no longer made anything happen on-screen. frozen. kernel panics were more rare. i think the combo of old computer, bad or going-bad hard drive, and too new a machine running some half-arsed compiled source code = bad.
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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