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Please direct me to the right forum if this isn't it...

I'm planning on purchasing the metro s4 and then switching to tmo's $30 prepaid plan after 3 months when I can get it unlocked.

The prepaid plan doesn't have roaming so I'll have to rely on a strong tmo signal.

Would I have any issues if the metro model is missing AWS (1700 I think) and LTE band 2/5?

I live in San Diego and should have good LTE coverage, but if I'm on the outskirts and LTE isn't as strong, hopefully I could pick up HSPA+.

I have a basic understanding of how the bands/LTE/HSPA+ work, but confused as to how tmo/metro overlap and how important any particular band is. I've read tmo uses AWS for HSPA+ but is switching it to LTE, would a lack of AWS mean no HSPA+ for the metro model?

Just wondering if the missing bands will have any effect or if I should be fine.


After some more searching, it seems HSPA+ has been moved to 1900 in San Diego and AWS shouldn't be needed and the 2 missing LTE bands are for countries I won't be visiting anytime soon. Unless I'm mistaken, looks like I should be good to go. If anyone has anything to add, I would appreciate it.
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