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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
any way to make the password prompts go away? so far they don't show for terminal but i still get them in Software Center.
I don't use Software Center. I didn't even have it installed. But--for you!--I just installed it and, sure enough, once I chose anything in it to install I'd get prompted for my password. Then that old curiosity thing got going. And now I've gotten rid of the annoying password prompt. Here's what I did:

. First, as we've already discussed, you need to have tweaked your /etc/sudoers file so its line that originally reads:

%sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

. Now edit your menu entry for Ubuntu Software Center; add sudo to the beginning of the line so it looks like this:

sudo /usr/bin/software-center %u
Now, Nick, if this DOESN'T solve the problem for you, I think I'll book a flight to Kentucky (even though I've sworn off flying ever again) so we can hash this out together. It worked like a charm for me.

also, any way to make the apps i choose to install go through the process even if they encounter problems? i want my straight-forward 'double-click file and install' back. Since Linux is meant to do what the user wants, that's what i want. i need help though making that happen.
I have no way of testing this because I simply never see it happen. So I'm afraid I have no ideas for this issue, but perhaps someone else will.
Info on Heartbleed bug; updated with helpful links

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