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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i am serious, never had those issues MikeDT. if i want to install anything, including Google Chrome, i download and double-click, accept and go. that easy. with Mac, i just download the *.dmg file, double click, go. in Linux, it's search software center, not there? ok, launch terminal, sudo apt-get install Chrome. no such package?! ok, sudo apt-get install google chrome. no such package? ok, search Google via Rekonq and find the name is case sensitive. ok, launch terminal AGAIN, sudo apt-get install Google Chrome. no such package? ok, launch Rekonq again, find out i need to do a sudo add-apt repository command, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install Google Chrome. done!

the Linux method takes TEN TIMES LONGER!
Nick I assume you've never had to deal with Windows China style.

Windows in the PRC, ten times more agro and frustration. spending six hours in a Beijing computer store recently, trying to force Win 8 to work in English rather than Chinese on a new laptop.
The People's Guide to Android in the People's Republic.
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There are nine million bicycles in Beijing.
There are nine million Androids in Shenzhen.
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