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i like the dock. if i made a desktop shortcut, much like launching it manually through a terminal, it sorta defeats the purpose doesn't it?

i screencapped examples of the rather limited edit option. none of which allows me to edit the actual parameters of the shortcut. only change its icon or tell the program what to do AFTER it runs. i am just sick. of. entering. my. damn. password!!!

i hate UAC.

oh god the word wrap glitch AGAIN, perhaps i was better off with ChromeOS. no matter what i try, Linux always makes my head hurt!

But if you like a challenge, try installing Skype through the same method you used to get Chrome on there. download the *.deb from their site, the only one listed for Ubuntu. then try intalling it. t will fail. damn package manager and its stupid protection crap!

EDIT: well i managed to get Software Center to work without a password, but i cannot get the icon to add to cairo dock like i like. i'm now stuck with a desktop icon (could only edit by enabling kmenu and copying it to desktop).

EDIT2: tried 'make it a launcher' to move it to the dock, seems to be ok but will have to install something else to find out.
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