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Originally Posted by ironass View Post
I do not want to get anyone's hopes up but there may be a light at the end of the Knox tunnel. This is an extract from the revised post #1 of DjeMBeY...

"Important Update: 17.10.2013

I'm not sure if anybody have noticed but yesterday my thread for NOTE 3 has been locked down, and all my stuff (for Odin) has been removed! It looks like Dev designgears don't like me, and I was reported and locked but funny enough, there was NO VEGA ROM's nor Root_de_la-Vega files in my thread at all!!
I went mental and my reaction nearly costed me my Contributor title..
Anyway, once pushed hard, I came up with something new.. I've explored "VEGA EXPLOIT" and realized that it is just tip of an Iceberg! You can do many, many things using this "EXPLOIT Window" which works like backdoor access to your phone....
So, here we go...

From NOW ON, my KNOX_0x0 ROM's are called MEGA ROM's and they will be patched with KNOX_0x0 (key) and can be used with my KNOX_0x0 auto-scripts ONLY!!!
De_La_Vega_Root Script DOESN'T work on MEGA ROM's!! Delete it please....I'm sorry for any incovenience
Auto-Script's basically works like "custom recovery" without need for one.. Modifications to System Partition ONLY!

Be careful as going too far with System modifications WILL trigger KNOX flag to 0x1!!!!

This is how it works, for example, copy KNOX_0x0_XPOSED_SLIM to your internal SD and after just ONE REBOOT it will:
- remove old root& busybox
- BackUp & Remove KNOX apps
- BackUp & Remove most of Bloatware (backup will be created on /sdcard/KNOX_0x0_XPOSED_SLIM/BackUp - 370MB - JB 4.2.2 & 4.3)
- Root with latest Superuser
- install busybox
- install latest Xposed Installer as System app
- install Wanam Xposed as System app

Reboot again to make Superuser work correctly..

More Auto-Scripts coming sooon, including DeOdexed Slim Script ....

This would seem to be a step in the right direction. What do you all think?

still cant flash custom recovery without triggering knox tho

i dont understand how echoe can offer new roms bootloader/knox free but djembey cant

it seems like djembey is making a bit of a meal of it all. that's highly critical i know, coz his roms are fab and he's working hard for a solution, and his abilities are way above anything most of us mere mortals are capable just all seems a bit convoluted at the moment.

(out of sarcy mode, yup looking more and more positive that the solution is round the gonna try echoe when ive finished reading the dozens of pages on xda, but will defo go back to djembey when he gets things sorted)
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