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Originally Posted by toptobottom View Post
Here's an option for accessories. I've been ordering from this reputable China merchant site for the past 3 years and never had problems receiving shipments. Granted, you have to be patient because it takes between 10-30 days to get your purchase. However, if you look at what you pay which includes free shipping, it's a hell of a savings for a little bit of patience.

As much as I hate spending my money with non-American vendors, I'm thinking, wait a second - Verizon is getting there cellphone cases directly from these same Chinese manufacturers and quadrupling their price on the store shelf because the box has their name on it. Well, I'm sick and tired of buying so-called American - made in China stuff. It's time we eliminate the middleman and send them the message that we're not going to be victims of outsourcing and putting our own people out of work. Stepping down from my podium now.

There's 5 pages of Note 3 related goodies here but make sure you read the description because other Samsung stuff for the S3's, S4's, Note 10.1 etc. is in the mix of selections. Batteries have restrictions on shipping from China so it's been taking about 20-30 days to get. There are some really good Powerbanks on this site if you do a search. I thought the wireless Bluetooth keyboard on Page 4 is pretty cool and not a bad price at $39.00 (Note 3 not listed but it should work). Lots of universal car dock mounts too.

I'm off to browse some more and shop away.
Thanks for the link and info. I now have the website bookmarked!
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