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Default Htc One Water Damage (Not turning on) URGENT

Hi Guys,
So last night I accidentally put my phone in a glass of water. Only the lower part of the was phone submerged under water ( the charging port and lower speakers) not more than 10 seconds. As i was driving then i forgot to switch off the phone and when i reached home after a couple of minutes, i dried the whole phone using tissues. The main blunder i created was that i didnt switch off the phone and used it for 15 minutes , tested out its speakers and stuff. After some time, the phone showed low battery and i started charging it and in a couple of minutes it turned off. It wasnt charging at all.Also i dried my phone using hair dryer for 5 minutes. Then i put the phone in uncooked rice for the whole night and the next morning i tried to switch it on but no success. But when i tried to charge it a dark red light started blinking and later the charging light started but when i switched on the phone , after the htc logo appeared the phone switched off again. From now i am not able to even charge it , no light comes , i think the phones dead now.

Also when i checked the liquid damage indicator, it hasnt turned red which it is supposed to if your phone is damaged my liquid.

So can i know that what should i do now? I am still under the HTC one year warranty but i dont know whether they will repair my phone or not?
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