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Originally Posted by AndroidifyMe View Post
If they do allow the Nexus 5 to be purchased through carriers as well, then Google needs to control everything except for the service just how Apple controls everything when it comes to updates for their iPhone. You can get an iPhone through Apple or carriers and Apple will make sure all updates and app releases etc are handled correctly. Only difference is the service. That's how Google needs to handle it if we do get that option. I'm not sure what the issue was trying to make that happen with the Galaxy Nexus when it was released on Verizon and Sprint. It had bloat and pretty much forgotten about. One brand. Control it. I also think this would help spread the devices around and not one source.
The experiment of carrier-specific variants, which the Verizon GNex was, is over for the Nexus program. If the N5 is available from a carrier, it will be the same device available from the Play Store, just like the N4 sold by T-Mobile. The only difference might be a build.prop change to give it some carrier branding or splash screen or whatever, but it will otherwise be the exact same device with all updates controlled by Google.
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