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Originally Posted by mahers View Post
That's BS. They can credit the difference as long as you are in that 14 day window. No need for all that.
You are right and I agree...

So, When I bought this phone, I did nto want to be stucj for 2 years, I also did not have the full amount extra cash to buy it out right, I decided to go on the Edge program..

Anyway, because this program is new there are 'issues' with getting a price change (not that it cannot be done) but there is a bit of a learning curve for the stores etc.

The store I went to and originally bought the phone from was close to where I am working, I SHOULD have gone to the store closer to home (both corporate). The one I bought the phone from was complete clueless, 3 managers could not figure out how to make the price change, so they said I had to exchange the device.. ok fine, I left came back to work, transferred my stuff off the phone onto my pc.. went back after work to find out they had no phones.. When I left to go to another store they called to confirm had the phone, I called and told the CSR on the phone that that store was useless, not sure it helps but I felt better.

Store #2, walked in talked to the manager. She said she was NOT replacing my phone and that it was possible to do a price adjustment but bear with her as this is the first time they had done it for someone on EDGE.. well apparently now it is a computer system issue, it was taking $50 off but on the $150 and their PC support had left for the day at this time, so I will call her this afternoon and see what the status is.

It is amazing the night and day differences in store only a few miles apart..

So I have not gotten the complete credit, but I have partial and it is process and the store seems like they want to make it right, st I know where to go now and where to stay away from.

so DO NOT EVER go tot VERIZON WIRELESS in ADDISON IL.. the store in Bloomingdale know what they are doing
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