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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Well, here's a [really very] minor issue that has me scratching my head.

My favorite weather widget is yaWP. I'm sitting here looking at my HP dv7 and my Acer Chromebook, both of which have yaWP in their taskbars. Their settings are identical. But look at their displays on mouse-over:

HP dv7

Acer Chromebook

The only difference is their version numbers, 0.4.1 (HP) and 0.4.2 (Acer). However, that shouldn't account for the missing map; if you look at yaWP's page at, its newest version clearly still includes the map. I see nothing in its changelog for 0.4.2 about removing the satellite image.

Any ideas? (Other than the obvious: install the latest version! I'll do some point. )
Is yawp the weather widget for KDE? I can't never get any weather thingy to work for me. I'm at work now but will check it out again when I get home in the morning and post the type of issue I'm having.
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