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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Google Chrome. whatever flash is in there came with the install of Linux, only updated. it seems to be a slight memory leak like the plugin isn't shutting down when i'm done and close the tab, so when reloading it or an ad uses it somewhere, it starts loading up the CPU, and runs out of memory and freezes. i did a 'top' and CPU was pegged at 100% (barely able to get to a terminal to run the command) and Chrome was the culprit. memory use was off the scale, and, as it climbed, it got more and more unresponsive until it just stopped entirely and froze.

In Unity, it wasn't just Flash player, something happened if i left a tab open on the Gmail inbox (perhaps sync related?) and that tab would do the same thing, it would make the machine unresponsive and Chrome would go all 'sad tab' on every tab opened. basically 'killing tabs'. i disabled that feature so i wouldn't lose my place in a tab (like if i am reading something)

if i catch it in time, logging out and back in fixes it without a reboot.
Strange. I wonder what's up.

I stopped using SeaMonkey long ago. it looks so outdated and too Netscape-like these days.
I don't think mine look outdated:

i couldn't figure out how to replace the 'seamonkey' animation with the Netscape comet animation when loading a site, although i was able to change the icon. that mod was done in VectorLinux 6, my fav distro)
I've never tried to do that, and you know how I like a challenge!, but right now...just not up for it.

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