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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Wait...did you drag it to the place on your panel you want it? That's how I do mine. I've never double-clicked any widget--I drag/drop it where I want it in my panel.

It's probably there, but needs its settings adjusted. Take your pointer and move slowly over the taskbar, paying attention to any tooltips that pop up. Do you see anything for yaWP? If so, right-click on it and choose "yaWP Settings," and then plunge in and start adjusting how it displays. I'll post my settings if you'd like--once we know it's actually in your panel! It can take up anywhere from a lot of room (not my cup of tea) to almost no room (yes!).

If it's not there, would you mind posting a screenshot of your panel?
I double clicked it to see what would happen.
I found out I can drag it on the desktop but for some reason it go through the motion of being put on the panel but never show up on it. Odd, I know!

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