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Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
Hi Steven!

Recall that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon came out with a hopelessly locked bootloader. It wasn't long before the bootloader was cracked and we unlocked and rooted that sucker.

The Note 3 was out a mere THREE DAYS and got root. There is no doubt in my mind that the bootloader will be opened on it. HOWEVER:

The Knox counter will be a one-way ticket, IMO. It can't be reset except by Samsung; so once you install a custom ROM (when that happens, not if) it will overwrite the Knox folder and trip the counter. I'm not a developer, but I see no way around that: if you decide to ROM this phone, I hope you never need warranty work on it.

As a matter of curiosity, I have to ask: what is it about the Note 3's functionality do you NOT like? I mean, the S-pen functions well... I'm just wondering what it is about it that would make you prefer more of the same stuff we've done for so long with the Galaxy Nexus

Now if a ROM were developed that kept the S-pen functionality and opened up all the options that a ROM like, say, Sourcery had in it... then I see your position right away. But right now Gina (that's my Note 3's name) is working just about the way I want her to...

I didn't like losing unlimted for one.
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