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Originally Posted by w.j.cole View Post
My Note 3 complaints.
1 - Auto brightness always way too dark to read. Forced to set manually, but am playing with alternative auto brightness control apps.
I concur, auto brightness works well during the day but sucks when it's darker, the screen is too dark. I have to put it manually

Originally Posted by w.j.cole View Post
2 - Lock screen gadgets and tools only available if you do not secure the screen. I always secure my phone and have used other phones and apps that simply have you enter the password before they actually do what you have requested on the available widget.
Where are all the options of the Note 2???? no facial unlock, etc... wth!

Originally Posted by w.j.cole View Post
3 - Only the original Samsung charger will charge the phone. Others indicate they are charging but they don't. Had to run battery monitor widget to diagnose this one. Cable does not seem to matter - charger (even other Samsung charger) does matter.
You need enough power to charge it, i have 2 amps chargers and they all work well, car charger included, not sure a 500mA is enough...

Other comments:
- no problem of poor signal, calls are great even with only one tiny bar (metropcs)
- no issue with wifi (always on) but i'm having some issues since i got it with my samsung smartTV not connecting to wifi.... is it related? i couldn't diagnose the problem yet
- no loose home key on my black t-mobile version, but it sems too sensitive when i put it in my jeans rear pocket!

My other complaints:
- New Yahoo mail SUCKS!!!!! i cannot do a freaking thing with new one (ok not related to Note 3, but this sucks, i have a pro use of it and now i cannot do anything with it!!)
- Cannot use Google+ to share pics/folders to an email like i can on a PC
- Multi window little round gadget far too bright, why can't we set the transparency? this is really annoying on darker backgrounds/apps
- multi window cannot open twice same app, why? i would love to be able to open twice the message app and copy/paste what i need
- Antutu speed tests gives memory of Note 3 30% slower than Note 2! really Samsung???? (ok, else 60% faster overall)
- S-pen recognition ...doesn't recognize anything or barely! too much work to type everything again...
- Camera wide angle of Note 3 less wide than Note 2!!! another under-improvement
- Camera flash takes forever to activate! 2-3s even more.... nonsense!
- Touchwiz UI not that great
- Accelerometer/gyro/compass calibration... i got some weird issues using maps, Note 3 was showing i was doing 360 degrees while driving, (i was driving straight, i promise!) then after shacking it in all possible directions and as strong as i could to try to recalibrate, it was pointing to my left.... that happened twice today.... hardware or calibration issue?

Other thoughts:
That thing is just amazing!!! i think most issues are just bad softwares related, they should improve
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