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Originally Posted by Lee5000 View Post
Yeah, been there done that, Bally. When I said I'm usually first to buy something tech related I was careful to specify "in my family." I'm NEVER the "first responder" when it comes to new operating systems, new product related technology etc. Have had too many of those expensive lessions when I was younger and impulsive. lol Funny how monatary lessons are learned faster then lessions in love, huh?

UPDATE: Well, well, speaking of the devil. Leaked docs show U.S. Galaxy Gear support rollout dates, concern over high return rate | Android Central
I read that article and found the bit about returning the Gear rather surprising.
I daresay the US trading laws differ from the UK but over here the fact that the Gear "didn't do what you expected it to" would not be regarded as a valid reason to return it - if I bought a DVD player and was upset when I found it didn't play my old VHS tapes the shop staff would justifiably laugh at me.
Its also amazing that people will spend a large amount of cash on a high tech device without reading lots of reviews first.
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