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Originally Posted by Straydog View Post
Thanks. I know too little, but I do believe it is as you say, and that is why I am trying hard to find a way to get Google play apps without setting up a Google account, and I found that then I can drop them on the Downloads directory on my PC and install them on the phone. Isn't there a way? I don't know how, but I would love to. I feel frustrated.
From the play store? Not legally, no. Without a google account, how would google play store know that it was "you" who purchased it? how would it notify you of updates? Or if the app is later determined to be malware, how would you get notified? So, no - legally, you can't get apps from the play store without a google account on your phone.

Originally Posted by Straydog View Post
That is an idea that I will try and may adopt if it does not make me pay for what I do not need. If I have a PC I'll be glad to use the service, but do not need most of what they push against my will. Don't you believe that everyone should be allowed to choose instead of being imposed??
Google isn't charging you any money for any of this (yet). Google accounts are free, access to play store, google+,gmail/calendar/contacts, maps, navigation etc is not billed to you.
What exactly are they pushing against your will? If you don't want contacts to show up on your phone, don't load up your gmail account with any contacts - there will be nothing to show on your phone contact list even if it syncs! (similarly, other google applications - what difference does it make whether it shows up on your phone or not? Google has the information regardless of whether it is synced to your phone)

If for some reason, you don't want contacts to sync to your phone, and still want it to show up on your google account (when accessed via PC), disable sync (settigs/accounts/google - tap on your account, and just uncheck anything you don't want synced) - or just set up a dummy gmail account as I had recommended in my earlier post.

Originally Posted by Straydog View Post
Yes, it is a "big deal" being spied, treated like a sucker, getting idiotic trash, and having to pay for all that. If you like it that is up to you. This is not new and they often get fined in Europe for privacy abuse. Search an you will find. Google have good things, sure, but most are like this.
"being spied, treated like a sucker, getting idiotic trash, and having to pay for all that" - what?

Spying, by the Govt? Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you would know that a majority of software/email/hardware providers have been 'forced' to provide access to customer/subscriber information to the govt.
Spying, by Google? Umm - yeah - they make money by advertisements! What did you expect? Do you for even one moment believe that Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Cisco, All the carriers etc are not using your information to increase their profits??

Treated like a sucker - you need to explain that a little more - did they promise you something that they didn't provide? And then kick you around?

Getting idiotic trash - are you talking about spam mail? or something else??

Having to pay for... ? Is google charging you for its services? Or are you complaining about the charge that phone manufacturers charge you to use a phone?

What exactly are you talking about?

Originally Posted by Straydog View Post
Also, not all changes are real upgrades, like with maps. The new version displays a large rectangle on top-left covering a part of the map and I can't find a way to get rid of it. I use nearly all apps on windows whenever possible, not on full screen to allow for multi-tasking, but now I have to use the browser on full screen for maps. They never had coordinates, and now even the distances gauge is gone.
If you don't like the new google maps, don't upgrade the app - or even better, find another one that you like! Unlike Apple, google doesn't force you to use their apps. You can pick and choose from any other apps that are out there!
BTW, I don't know what rectangle you are referring to on the top left of maps - I don't see it on the current version

Sorry if I sound frustrated - long day - and reading posts like this isn't helping - complaining about "stuff" without going into specific details that folks could use to help you with.
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